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Oct 19,2016

Chairman Li Hongxin met with the governor of the US state of Arkansas, Hutchinso

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The afternoon of October 18th, the company chairman Li Hongxin in Shengde international met with Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson line. Deputy general manager of the company, the chief engineer shall be accompanied by Guangdong, deputy general manager Chen Zhaojun.
During the meeting, Li Hongxin, chairman of governor Asa Hutchinson once again came to his Chinese "home" sun paper said a warm welcome, and briefed the guests on the situation of the company's development and investment projects in Arkansas. He said that this year the sun paper around the "433" development strategy, continue to adjust the structure to the way, with the artisan spirit, increase innovation and development, made outstanding achievements, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the company. Arkansas biomass refining project in the provincial government, the state government's support for progress is very smooth, the project is currently in the EIA phase, the approval of the project is to start the day. After the completion of the project will be the most advanced in North America, the largest single scale, the highest efficiency of biomass refining project, can create 250 jobs for the local, indirectly create more than 1 thousand jobs. I hope the governor can continue to care and support the project to promote the project put into operation as soon as possible to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.
Asa Hutchinson of sun paper development achievements congratulations, praised the chairman Li Hongxin is a great entrepreneur, and said Chinese once again came to the "home" Sun Paper feel very warm. Followed by a brief introduction to the economic and social development of Arkansas. He said that Arkansas agriculture, tourism, rich resources, strong manufacturing base, is a good investment destination. Look forward to the sun paper investment biomass refining project as soon as possible put into operation in the project, the state government will continue to give strong support and help. At the same time, on the basis of existing cooperation, we hope to further deepen cooperation and join hands in creating a better tomorrow.
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