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Cultural paper brands
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Golden Sun 
 foster green industry, create golden future

Golden Sun is an all-star and flagship brand and the crown jewel of Sun Paper. As the top choice of premium cultural paper, it produces coated paper, two-side offset paper, copy paper, writing paper and pure paper. Golden Sun boasts outstanding quality and leading technology. While making unremitting efforts for quality and technological innovation, it also works tirelessly to practice green and cyclic development and pursue customer satisfaction. Golden Sun takes it as its mission and goal to become the No.1 brand of high-end cultural paper and provide convenient, efficient and low-carbon printing experience for customers. 

Huaxia Sun  lead through innovation and progress

Huaxia Sun emphasizes technology, innovation and progressiveness and highlights its high-tech orientation and brand values. Inheriting the papermaking civilization of the Chinese nation, the brand is committed to creating the most modern and technically advanced cultural paper products in the industry.

Huaxia Sun provides products that perfectly combine cutting-edge technology with people-oriented design, offers professional printing experience and leads the innovation and development of the paper industry. 

Brilliant Sun  provider of top quality

Always putting quality first, Brilliant Sun features superior paper quality, exceptional PPR, good printing effects and real printing dots. It is widely used for printing, packaging and paper processing.

Sell Brilliant Sun, you will be the sun in the paper market!
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