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Please select from the following Food paper products:

  • PE-coated base paper
  • Sheet lining
  • Service plate paper
  • Base paper for food products

Food paper mainly includes PE-coated paperboard for food packaging (PE-coated base paper), sheet lining, service plate paper and base paper for food products. There are several types of PE-coated paperboard for food packaging, namely regular PE-coated base paper, coated mug base paper, facial mask paper and noodle bowl paper (regular and high-bulk). Being oil- and water- resistant and capable of thermal synthesis, they are mainly used to make paper cups and noodle bowls. Sheet lining can be cut into pieces to package noodles, or PE-coated or coated with aluminum foil to make ice cream cartons, or PE-coated or coated with aluminum foil on both sides to make the bowl lid for instant noodles. Service plate paper can be embossed to serve as plate lining for fried food, or PE-coated to make food bags. Base paper for food products meets the process requirements on a string of packing boxes, including PE-coated, composite, die-cut and impressed ones. They also meet many sanitary regulations on food package, including GB11680-1989 (China Sanitary Standards for Food Packaging), FDA176.170 (American standards for paper and paperboard in contact with food) and EU1935/2004 (EU regulation on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food). 

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