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Please select from the following Packaging paper products:

  • Craft paper
  • Recycled craft paper
  • Fluting medium
  • White craft paper
  • Coated ivory board
  • Chrome ivory board
  • Cigarette carton paper

Packaging paper mainly includes craft paper, recycled craft paper, fluting medium, white craft paper, coated ivory board, chrome ivory board and cigarette carton paper. Craft paper, also known as cardboard paper, is one of the main papers used to make cartons. It features a high level of tenacity, bursting strength, ring crush compression resistance, tear resistance and is water proof. Usually in the color of brown and of a large variety, craft paper is widely used by printing and packaging plants, carton factories, garment factories, hardware factories, building material factories, electric appliance factories, electronics factories and food packaging plants. Recycled craft paper is a kind of environmentally friendly paper made completely from reclaimed pulp. Although slightly inferior to craft paper in physical performance and quality, it also features a dense texture and a high level of bursting strength, ring crush compression resistance, tear resistance and is water proof. Recycled craft paper is often used for regular printing and packaging, such as carton, gift box and cellphone box. Fluting medium, also called corrugating medium or corrugated paper, is a thin and light paperboard with small orders, but it's widely used to make corrugated board. White craft paper is craft paper white in both sides and usually used to make packagse, envelope bags, file bags, handbags, handle bags and shopping bags. Raw-white craft paper without fluorescer can also be used for food packaging. Coated ivory board is excellent for printing and making cartons with high PPR and steady product quality. Being able to improve the efficiency of printing equipment, it is suitable for offset printing, flexo printing and silk-screen printing and can meet various post-processing requirements. Chrome ivory board is mainly used to make garment tags, cards, gatefolds, advertising leaflets, brochures, lotteries, postcards, greeting cards and covers. Cigarette carton paper is mainly used to make cigarette packs and linings, and composite base paper.

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