Feel Sun Paper's glory, from here, from now

Our History
A magnificent picture of Sun Paper’s development history is unfolding in front of us, filled with struggles and glories.
Every milestone and every key figure is like a gem shining through all the years. Every achievement and every honor is like a memorial recording every firm step Sun Paper has taken on the way strewn with brambles and thorns. 
The growth of Sun Paper from a fledgling to a soaring eagle is also the process when Sun Paper culture is fostered and matured. 
Stay true to our ideal and we will achieve our dream in the end. 

Startup and takeoff (1982-1992)
Sun Paper was founded in the 1980s with only backward technologies and equipment. It took the initial shape after going through transformations from Yanzhou county papermaking plant of people’s commune, Yanzhou county papermaking plant and then Yanzhou city papermaking plant. 
Steady growth and expansion(1993—2005)
In the early 1990s, Deng Xiaoping’s South Tour Speeches brought golden development opportunities to Sun Paper which made full use of its advantages in technology, capital, management and scale, saved investment and efficiently utilized resources, sought low-cost expansion, gradually established its leading industrial system and business sections, continued to improve corporate management and scored remarkable progress, ranking among top papermakers in China. At the same time, it completed its shareholding system reform, paving the way for its initial public offering.
Going public and rapid growth(2006—2011)
Sun Paper was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on November 16, 2006, successfully landing on the capital market. In the same year, it formed partnership with the International Paper in the United States, officially launching its internationalization strategy. In June 2008, Sun Paper Laos Limited was inaugurated, marking the official implementation of the “Go Global” strategy.
Meanwhile, it vigorously endeavored to build a multinational papermaking group: it recruited several medium- and high-level management professionals, participated in the global industrial competition, shifted its focus to the development of high-end and high-value-added products, and ranked among the world’s top 100 papermakers in terms of comprehensive strength, laying a solid foundation for its transformation and soaring development. 
Transformation, upgrade and leapfrog development(2012—Present)
Based on previous successful attempts at industrial upgrade, Sun Paper laid down the “4-3-3” development strategy in 2012. Relying on papermaking as its principal business, it started to enter the markets of biomass new materials and fast moving consumer goods and made biorefinery and household paper its new development direction. 
This period is marked with in-depth promotion of institutional innovation, managerial innovation and marketing mode innovation. The innovation of the management mode and the enhancement of management efficiency are established as the strategic priority of the company. It sets the long-term goal of building Sun Paper into a global sustainable, respected and outstanding company. Structural adjustment, transformation and upgrade has propelled the company’s leapfrog, sustainable development under new circumstances. 
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