Our faith in Sun Paper never wavers

The Chinese paper culture

Sun Paper Culture Museum spans across a land of 5,000 square meters, and is a national science popularization and education base, an industrial tourism demonstration site in Shandong, a science popularization and education base for teenagers, and an on-site education and training base for cadres of Yanzhou district.
The museum design features the evolvement of paper, the papermaking process and techniques as well as the development of modern papermaking industry. All the contents are displayed on LED screens and touch screens so as to create an immersive experience for visitors.

The museum is divided into 12 exhibition zones including the papermaking history and culture, the low-carbon, circular industry, and scientific and technological advancement for corporate development, with a time span of 2,000 years from traditional papermaking in the time of Cai Lun to modern papermaking process, from 1982 when Sun Paper was founded till present. Graphs, texts and audio & visual materials are employed to create a time tunnel to connect the past and the future. Besides presenting the grand strategy of Sun Paper, the museum also allows visitors to appreciate the beauty of paper artworks in various shapes, and fly their imagination about possible applications of paper in the future.

  • The museum is divided into 12 exhibition zones including the papermaking history and culture
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